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Worksheet S-10

With the ever-increasing impact of the charity and bad debt amounts reported on Worksheet S-10 to derive hospitals Uncompensated Care Payments, dollars are being redistributed drastically.   CMS stated in the final FY 2019 IPPS ruling that they will continue to revise and clarify the instructions. Furthermore, CMS also advised that cost reports with a fiscal year beginning on or after 10/1/2018 will be rejected if detail support is not attached for reported S-10 charity amounts.







Ensure you are accurately reporting your Worksheet S-10 and maximizing your hospitals Uncompensated Care Payments by utilizing Genesa partners and experience what quality reporting and analysis really is.

Genesa partners lead the industry in Worksheet S-10 analysis and review.  We have worked with auditors on the very first audits performed and have developed technology solutions to navigate the complicated instructions and volume of data required to support our findings.

Genesa understands providing a detailed listing is only the beginning of a Worksheet S-10 engagement.  Our partners will work to keep you updated and informed on the most recent alerts in what is an ever changing landscape for Worksheet S-10.

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