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Volume Decrease Adjustment

Congress enacted special legislation to provide payments to Sole Community Hospitals (SCH) and Medicare Dependent Hospitals (MDH) if, due to circumstances beyond its control, such hospitals experience a decrease of more than five percent in its total number of discharges. These payments are deemed necessary to provide small rural hospitals the means to remain viable for the communities they serve.

Approvals of these payments prove challenging, and often these VDA's are denied or significantly reduced as hospital's often lack the time and expertise navigating the various factors needed for approval.

COVID-19 Impact on Rural Hospitals

The COVID-19 Global pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on small, rural sole community and Medicare dependent hospitals.  National studies have shown SCH and MDH hospitals have seen inpatient volumes decline due to the pandemic and as such may now be eligible to request a Volume Decrease Adjustment payment when your hospital submits the cost report.   Genesa is here to discuss whether your hospital may be eligible for this additional payment.







Genesa provides the highest level of quantitative and qualitative analyses which ensures your request for VDA payment will be ready to meet the most up-to-date legal interpretations. 

Genesa partners lead the industry in VDA expertise, building upon their legal backgrounds to ensure the best case is presented.  We have successfully submitted dozens of VDAs, while also working with MACs to overturn initial denials.

Genesa works with you to understand circumstantial drivers behind the reduction in discharges.  Our ability to collaborate and ask the right questions with executives, physicians, and staff allows us to present the most well-thought-out legal argument and VDA request.

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