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Genesa, pronounced (ˈjen-ə-suh), was established in 2018.  Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Genesa formed to offer a new way to collaborate with healthcare providers.  Our goal is to partner with providers to help realize their full Medicare cost report reimbursement potential.  Our approach transcends the typical consultant-hospital relationship.  You can expect eye-opening results as we keep in mind the cascading impact of our analyses.  We refer to this as holistic reimbursement. 

Our core virtues focus on delivering the maximum amount of value with our clients' satisfaction always in mind.  We strive to continually earn your business and trust.

Genesa brings forth a diverse range of experience spanning big 4 accounting firms, midsize consulting firms, boutique reimbursement companies, provider positions, federal securities firms, and legal expertise.  Our unique blend of experiences allows us to approach every project from multiple angles giving Genesa the insight and ingenuity to deliver industry leading results.

The Genesis of Genesa

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