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Medicare Bad Debt

A provider's bad debts resulting from Medicare deductible and coinsurance amounts that are uncollectible from Medicare beneficiaries are considered in the program's calculation of reimbursement to the provider if they meet the criteria specified in 42 CFR 413.89. A bad debt must meet the following criteria to be allowable:

  1. The debt must be related to covered services and derived from deductible and coinsurance amounts.

  2. The provider must be able to establish that reasonable collection efforts were made.

  3. The debt was actually uncollectible when claimed as worthless.

  4. Sound business judgment established that there was no likelihood of recovery at any time in the future.







Genesa will always deliver a degree of excellence that will lead the industry and ensures our reviews will exceed expectations from listing generation to support upon audit.

Genesa partners lead the industry in bad debt expertise, utilizing  years of experience preparing hospital cost reports, developing proprietary software, and working with auditors to provide hospitals and health systems the most complete and accurate detail of a MBD listing.

Providing a detailed listing is not the end of a MBD review.  Our partners want to collaborate with you to ensure you are in the best position to claim all valid hospital bad debts in the future.

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