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Medicare Advantage Bad Debt

Medicare Advantage plans may reimburse for bad debts at the same or similar % as Medicare, dependent upon the contract between the plan and the hospital outlining this component for reimbursement.

It is imperative that hospitals apply the regulations outlined by CMS for reimbursable bad debts to the Medicare Advantage populations in order to minimize the risk of audit adjustment.







Genesa's Medicare Advantage Bad Debt deliverable exceeds quality standards and are supported at audit through a high degree of detail and understanding of contract language with payors. 

Genesa partners lead the industry in Medicare Advantage Bad Debt expertise, utilizing years of experience working with auditors and payors to provide hospitals and health systems the most comprehensive review and detail for the MA-MBD listing.

Genesa partners want to collaborate to understand your plans' language and ensure you are in the best position to claim all valid hospital bad debts in the future. We will also provide an opportunity breakdown for the plans which do not reimburse for Medicare Advantage Bad Debts.

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