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 Organ Acquisition Costs

Medicare reimburses hospitals that are certified transplant centers for costs associated with the acquisition of organs for transplant to Medicare beneficiaries.  Allowable costs include organ donor and recipient costs before hospital admission for the transplant operation and hospital inpatient costs associated with the donor.  Medicare requires that these costs be reasonable; properly allocated among pre-transplant, post-transplant, non-transplant, and other activities; and supported by appropriate documentation.







Genesa strives to make the complex understandable while providing the highest quality approach in analyzing your organ acquisition costs and delivering optimal results.

With decades of experience across dozens of transplant facilities and uncovering millions of dollars of reimbursement, our reviews ensure proper allocation of pre & post transplant expenses, medicare utilization, and revenue received for organs sold.

Genesa understands the complexity that is organ acquisition reimbursement.  Through collaboration with hospitals and the various entities that make up costs associated with organ acquisition, transplant preparation, and patient stays, we  shore-up any compliance risks and maximize reimbursement.

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